How much time is spent on documents created from a blank list? The answer is tons. In most cases, inputting the same data takes an unlimited number of hours, as this task is repeated by every worker and you can not just use the samples, downloaded from the Internet.


Double Your Productivity With Reusable Templates

You can find various solutions, that help to process forms for both personal and professional use, for example when filling tax reports or W9, W2, 1099 samples, that should be provided to IRS. Every company has its own internal processes and peculiarities. That is why, it is necessary to create several patterns, that will contain the information, repeated every time. On the other hand, those digital samples if needed might be filled in with the new information for an unlimited number of times. Also, they should contain the company name and logo or watermark. According to the Zapier Blog, all those problems are easily solved with reusable templates.


How to Create Reusable Template?

These templates can be created out of the blank page or existing sample. Follow the next steps:

  1. To create it from the very beginning, type in all necessary details, add the company logo and leave blank spaces for further completing.
  2. Using the existing sample erase unnecessary information and provide the one, applicable to your business.
  3. Upload the existing file to the platform you are used to working with.
  4. Select the space you need to filled out several times by different people and add the needed fillable field to it.
  5. Specify the field, needed in each case — for textual details try the text boxes and for the numeral — number or date. It will help to customize your PDF.
  6. For multiple choice items, the checkboxes or drop-down menu can be applied. It will decrease the time, spent on template infilling, as the individual, who completes the form will just select one or several items.
  7. For better navigation inside the document, the page numeration and dates can be added. This option is extremely helpful for complicated documents, containing many parts and pages.
  8. One more important feature is adding the signature fields. No matter how many signers the PDF contains as the template can include as many signature fields as you need.
  9. Name your document and save it.
  10. The saved PDF is easily shared between company members and signed.

Finally, you will get a complete PDF, that will be reused unlimited and easily shared by e-mail and signed by multiple users. To get the step-by-step guide on the creation of this sample watches the following video: