Having a business, no matter it is big or small, you will need to report your tax information to the IRS. Everybody knows that it is a quite long process, requiring a large amount of time, resources and paper. Here you will find everything your business needs, starting with the documents, required for the tax return, and ending with the online solutions in combination with practical recommendations. They will help to ease and accelerate document processes.

The Easy-to-do Tips to Avoid Tax Surprises

Every year we should report our taxes. For most companies, it is a very difficult task, as they have to complete various forms, aimed for different purposes. Those recommendations will decrease tax season rush:

  1. Make digital copies of all papers and sort them in various folders. There won’t be a need to search for the hard copies to complete the form. You will know where all your digital files stored. This way you open the one you need and use the information for the template submitting.
  2. Clarify the tax rules for your concrete case. There are a number of the various business types, according to the IRS website, that are infilling different samples.
  3. Sole Proprietorship should provide forms 1040, 940, 941, 943, 944 (if they are all necessary), W-2 form, W-3 form. The business owners also need to file form 1099 informational return.
  4. Partnerships are obliged to fill out 1065, 1040, 1040-ES, 940, 941, 943 templates.
  5. Corporations (C or S) should file 1120, 1120-W, 940, 941, 943 templates.
  6. LLCs can report their taxes as a corporation, partnership or an individual.
  7. File samples as early as possible. The best way not to be late is to start processing them beforehand.
  8. Use an online calculator and digital solutions that will ease and speed up the process of the form submitting.

With those simple advice, you will have fewer problems with your taxes. Let us see what digital solutions you can use to fill out samples faster.

The Digital Solutions for Tax Report Management

We’ve collected the number of services that will help file samples electronically.


Freefile fillable forms service.

It is the IRS document filler, aimed to infill the equivalents of paper forms electronically. It has the opportunity of completing the most widespread templates. Also, it provides users with the ability to submit forms to IRS either electronically or by sending them via US mail. It requires user personal information and guarantees the safe form delivery to the receiver.


PDFfiller online editor.

It is a cloud-based platform, that helps to edit, sign, and create PDF documents, as well as complete blank templates. The form can be uploaded to the web service or selected from the internal service library. The fillable PDF sample is easily edited, and non-fillable can be enriched with custom fillable fields manually.


Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader Fill and Sign function.

This option is available for those who have installed Adobe software to their computer, and have the necessary interactive document template. If the sample fillable, the system will detect fields, and they will be available for data adding.


Foxit Reader typewriter tool.

Those who used to work with Foxit software, can download the form from the Internet and upload it in the Reader. Next, you need to select the typewriter for further document completing and insert the required information.


Those most frequently used solutions are good with their functions, as they help to save time, and avoid misunderstandings, because of the imprecise handwriting or mistakes. The information, inserted digitally, is distinct, easy to correct and faster to complete. File your documents electronically and report taxes on time!